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Mod post time...

Mod post time; just a quick query--

Anyone want to come together with a date to start? I figure sometime after the current tour ends...



Story ideas post...

(Trying to keep the comm active so that it doesn't get labeled as inactive... gah)

I know we're all still in the midst of Nez Tour 2013 Feels right now, so we won't get into any actual writing until it's all over and we've sufficiently calmed down, but I figured that this is as good a post as any to toss around some basic storylines.

Basically, I figure we could be a bit broad with these--the real fun and surprise of a round robin is what you have to respond to, of course--but does anyone have any loose/general ideas/settings/plots they'd like to put out there?


Introduction Post!

Welcome, Monkeesfic writers, to makeupthestory! As we slowly get things ready to start, I figured we could use this post to get to know each other better, as well as help get things ordered in the comm.

Basically, leave a comment on this post with the following info:

Name/Username/whatever you'd like to be called:
Where might we know you from?
(past fics, tumblr/dA/FFN accts, etc)
What do you like to write about?
Favorite Monkee(s):
Favorite Monkees episode(s):
Favorite Monkees song(s):
What would you like to see in this round-robin venture?
Comfort zone
: (how high a rating--G, PG, PG13, R, etc--are you willing to go?)
Are you here as a writer and/or just a spectator? (This is important for mod purposes--we'll be assigning a posting order, so it's important for us to know whether you'll be an actual participant or not so that we can give you posting access!)

Hope y'all have fun now!

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