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We'll Make Up Our Story As We Go Along

A Monkees round-robin fic community

We'll Make Up Our Story As We Go Along: A Monkees
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A Monkees round-robin fic community
It all started on tumblr... a bunch of Monkees ficwriters, specializing in angsty tales, decided that we should come together and do a round-robin. And so this comm was born.

(gif by getwicked/revychumso)

The Rules

1. Anyone can join, but there will be an order as to when members can post-- This is to keep things ordered. Anyone is free to join in--just comment on this post to let us know whether you're joining as a writer or a spectator, so that we can add you to our members with posting access!

2. Writers will submit entries 500 words or less--Now, we're not going to put your passage in a word count--just try to keep it around 500 words. We won't mind if you're a little bit over, but... no novels, 'kay?

3. Writers will make their submissions within 48 hours--We know real life gets the better of us; 500 words in 48 hours is doable, we think--if you're still running a little late, either request an extension (we'll give you another 24 hours) or request to pass your turn. If no request is made, your turn will be skipped by default.

4. Tags are your friends--there's not much now, but once we get started, using tags for story arcs will definitely help in getting caught up.

5. Be considerate--obligatory rule; I know it won't be necessary to remind everyone, since we're all an intelligent bunch, but be considerate of people's comfort zones (i.e., don't force other writers into reading/writing something they don't want to, and post all such content under an LJ-cut with proper warnings/tags), and absolutely no bashing of any kind. Concrit = good. Howling in shared misery over shattered feels = good. Bashing = BAD--don't do it. First-time offenders will be warned, and any further bashing will lead to eviction from the comm lickety-split (again, obligatory rule; I'm confident I won't need to use the Stick of Banning).

6. Above all, have fun!--Peace, Love, and Save the Texas Prairie Chicken!